Monday, August 31, 2009


Sunflowers and Fall!  It's cool and rainy today, overcast, windows open, the slushy sounds of tires on wet streets - stores not open yet and no one walking around - I love it!  My hermit self is loving the quiet!
And it means the stack of half finished gourds is calling to me!  Over the weekend I nearly drilled a hole through my stomach as the Fordom caught my tee shirt as I was grinding some sculpted boxes!  Yikes!  It torqued the tool and stopped the motor all just short of my gut!  Now I have to take the Foredom apart and do some repairs - I have learned over the years to always keep a spare on hand, so work continues.

I working on a slightly new design for the gourds - a new way to use them - keep checking in.  I hope to post more "in process" states so you can see the stages of development as I go along.  So often it's difficult for people to understand how I get from the field to the pedestal, so in the interest of education, I'll be recording the process for you.

Friday, August 21, 2009


I love doing commission work because it makes me think in ways different than I would under ordinary circumstances. When Peggy and Larry asked me about doing a strawberry, I wasn't too sure - but doing the "patch" proved to be lots of fun. This is about 12" w and sits nicely without an added base.

I am recovering nicely from my hip replacement - at 2 weeks I am walking around on my own and off the pain meds. It's good to be back in the studio where I am at work on a couple of tall Iris pieces - one of old fashioned brown iris and one in purple/blue.