Saturday, July 18, 2009

Working on Japanese inspired box designs.

Currently, in an effort to respond to the cautious marketplace, I am working on box designs.  This means a couple of things to an artist.  First, it means that we are developing a price range that is accessible for a wide range of incomes.  Secondly, and of great opportunity for the artist, it means we can work out ideas for new work, or in my case, for elements of larger work in a vein not previously investigated.  I like these very graphic types of designs.  They work well in color and black and white.  They lend themselves to intricate ways of filling space and to creating complexities in negative and positive space.  Watch and see what happens and these little works grow up.

1 comment:

  1. Whitney, love this piece! It has a different feel to your other boxes, as you say the graphic quality will work well in color and in black and white! Can I say the look is more contemporary? Although I can see this well placed in my dream home a craftsman bungalow!!! hmmm...Can't wait to see more!!!