Monday, February 1, 2010

2010 at the Celebration of Fine Art

Wow! How did it get to be February so soon?

Now that we're settled in to the 2010 Celebration of Fine Art, I thought I would start putting up pics of new work that is on exhibit at the show. So, here is "Hollyhocks". It's a zucca gourd, about 38" on the stand, 10" or so, wide. It is different views of hollyhocks, wheat grasses and butterflies on all sides. I always "see" the design in the raw gourd, and this was no different - on this side, behind each blossom on the curved stem, was a discolored dimple in the gourd. Instantly I thought of my grandmother's garden and of the hollyhocks standing tall and leaning against the house. I never see them anymore - perhaps NC is just too hot and humid or, hmmmm, maybe it's because I live in the city and hollyhocks really are a country kind of flower. At any rate, the colors are beautifully shaded and the whole piece very luminescent.

Come to the show and check it out!

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