Thursday, March 25, 2010

Transmitting thought by sensing color

I was thinking today about "feeling" transmitted by artwork, in particular, through painting.  What does that mean - "feeling" through artwork?  Mine? Yours?  Or is it the transmission of something intangible between us - the artist and the viewer?  Working on this piece, I was deep in thought about coming through dark times by tapping into "feeling" - literally the physical awareness - of the moment.  As the texture and darks developed, I "felt" the need for the sensation of light, bright and opening - whence came the yellows.  Stepping into that physical space of brightness brought forth the reds/oranges.  The delicate balance of sensing the awareness within and trapping it in color both frustrates and feeds me.  Such is the dilemma of painting unencumbered by specific images.  For other well articulated "feelings" about painting check out

If you want to see this piece, come to the Celebration of Fine Art - it's the last week!  Time evaporates!

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