Thursday, December 9, 2010

Landscape In Glass: Syed Ahmad-Waterworks Museum, Salisbury, NC

Here are some pictures from Syed's exhibit at the Waterworks Museum.  He will be giving a talk on December 16, at Waterworks.  All of the pieces in this show are sized for the home and may be used individually or in groups, as indicated by the installation at the museum.  Though physically small, the work creates an expanded perception of sea and land when hung with space between.  The clear glass overhangs create wonderful shadows of apparently moving water or air, and the dichroic glass creates movement of its own as the viewer passes by.  This work is both subtle and dynamic.  The show closes on February 7.

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  1. Stunning! Thanks for sharing these pictures on your blog. And thanks for sharing your lovely creative spirit with the world. --Daisy @ SunnyRoomStudio (if this is a duplicate ... plz only post one comment ... not sure if I pressed preview or publish w/1st comment!)