Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beginners - A Review & Comparison

Last post was about our experience seeing A Tree of Life.  Tonight we saw Ewan McGregor and Melanie Laurent in Beginners.  Touching, melancholy, sweet with wonderful expressive actors.  It was, as an experience, exactly the opposite of A Tree of Life.  By that I mean to say that I was always the observer in Beginners - appreciative, sympathetic, engaged - but never did I actually experience the emotions as my own.  A fine film.  I recommend it.  But not a film to experience, to be in.  And not a film that will stay with my conscious or unconscious mind.

Now, as we wend our way to Colorado for this coming weekend in Edmonds at the Vail Valley Art On The Rockies show, we take our art critic hats off and become our artist selves again.  Fun to live another life for a while.  Whitney and Syed and Roger Ebert.

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