Friday, February 29, 2008

Collaboration at the Celebration

Been down with a cold for a couple of days - back up and at it now. Just in time to start working on a collaborative project with fellow Celebration of Fine Art artist, Joe Woodford Joe is a potter. Dramatic and huge raku pots are his signature. We both have a love of things Oriental, Japanese in particular. So Joe threw a huge vessel and today I'll be working on incising a Geisha to fill the side and wrap around the sides and back. This is a completely new venture for both of us - I've never worked on pottery and Joe has never done figurative, detailed work. I'll get some pics up tonight, so keep watching.

On another subject, problems with my website and presumably this blog as well, have continued over the past couple of weeks. Most of you are finding me ok, but some are still getting only my old site. Once again, we're working on it, and hopefully in the next couple of days it will all be resolved. You can help me by emailing me if you are getting strange results when putting in the address line, or when googling me. My old site has my name in script, while the new site name is in typeface and has a scrolling center image. Thanks for helping!

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