Saturday, February 23, 2008

Going Fast

Wow, half way through the Celebration of Fine Art in Scottsdale! The weeks are flying by and my inventory is shrinking...which is a really good thing, and thanks to all of you who've added my work to your collections. I'm working on a new piece of grasses and dragonflies but it was cold today so most of the work was about keeping my fingers warm.

The experience of working for 70 days in the company of about a hundred other artists is an amazing thing. My own work has become sculptural as a result of watching Kristine Poulson work on her clays of bronze vessels . We have a common love of botanical themes and if you haven't seen her work you're missing a unique voice in the world of bronze. Here's the funny thing...Kristine started out doing mosaics! But another sculptor, Martha Pettigrew, urged her to try her hand at sculpting. A year later Kris was a full time sculptor and hasn't stopped since.

The exchange of ideas, materials, critiques, and most of all support on those not so great days is what makes this show so exceptional. The parties are pretty good too.

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