Monday, March 24, 2008

Last Day at the Tent

What a great show! Thanks to all of you who helped make this one of my best years! Tomorrow we start packing up, but tonight we just unwound with friends from the tent, swapping stories and eating, eating, eating....tomorrow we return to health food, try to lose the ten pounds I gained in the last six months. We're all tired, but full of ideas for next year - new work, better booth spaces, different living accommodations. Nine months and we'll be back in Scottsdale at the Celebration of Fine Art. We hope you'll be there too!

Meanwhile, keep an eye on my blog for news about our trip back to NC where we'll be making some additions to our building, getting ready for our Open To the Public month of May, with workshops, classes and work in the galleries. Check out the link to EastSquare ArtWorks.

This next week we'll be all about packing up, but if you want to reach me, you can call the number on my home page.

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