Sunday, March 16, 2008

WOW! Here's the process...

The next step, after carving, is applying color or glazes...

Coming out of the kiln - red hot! That's Joe with his fire gear on.

Joe lifting the pot out of the kiln. Look at the red hot interior!

3 pics of Joe spraying a chemical solution onto the glazed pot, changing the oatmeal color to a dramatic bronze-gold. The black "splatters" turn deep reds at the pot cools.

The reduction of oxygen process - Joe places 55 gallon drum over the hot pot which has been placed in a sandy pit. Then he packs the bottom with newspapers, which ignite, then shovels sand to shut off all air to the inside of the drum.

Removing the drum - will the result be what we hoped for? And here she comes! Beautiful!

Inspecting the finished Geisha.


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