Monday, April 26, 2010

Weekend in Savannah

Well, this doesn't look like, it's me trying to see what I'm doing through my own specs and the safety glasses as I sand the outside of some little boxes I made for the Savannah show in Gordonston Park.  You know, doing little things is not the same as doing cheap things.  In this case, working on small gourds is as much work as doing something large for a much larger price.  I think this may be the last of the boxes!

But seeing old friends and sitting in this very delightful and funky little enclosed patio of an organic coffee bar/cafe at the end of Forsyth Park was just one of the great things about spending the weekend in Savannah.  Watching the great shadows cast on the walks is another....

Then there was eating pizza at Vinnie's which I don't have a pic of because it was too delicious to put down long enough to take a pic of.  The place hasn't changed a bit - packed as always and no pizza anywhere that's any better...we had a medium pesto (no tomato sauce) with spinach, garlic, jalepenos, mushrooms and anchovies....WOW!  And finally, a chance to say Hello to our new little friend, Nia!

And then a quiet ride home to Salisbury .

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