Monday, May 31, 2010

Check out Joan Benney

Here's a link - - to a very imaginative and lyrical photographer.  Check her out.

About today....

It's Memorial Day, raining and raining.  Listened to a wonderful NPR program this morning on poetry from soldiers and about them, and about war.  Because I am currently thinking a lot about language and art, it was especially engaging.  Our 21st century syntax and vocabulary better fits the expression of the pain of war.  They gave examples of poets writing about their experiences of WWI (most of us have probably read those poems when we were very young and invincible), pointing out that the grace and staid language of the time was severely challenged to express the harsh realities of war.  I wonder if speaking in our 2010 vocabulary will change any ones approach to sending kids off to fight wars begun by governments.  I recommend looking up poetry by contemporary Brian Turner, and in particular one entitled "Hear, Bullet".  If I had a wish today for every fighting man and woman in the world, and especially in our world of privilege, it would be that all the rest of us take into our souls the work of Brian Turner.

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