Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Chef Syed

When he's not cookin' glass, he's cookin' up a Malaysian feast for friends and neighbors.

Lots of prep work for Malaysian cuisine and LOTS of garlic!

Syed likes to use the stone mortar and pestle we brought home from Malaysia many years ago.  Couldn't find one then - now they are easy to find in any large asian market.

The menu for this evening was Fruit Rojak, Stuffed Tofu, and Cucur Udang (shrimp fitters Malay style) for appetizers, followed by Beef Randang and Chicken Korma accompanied by Pineapple Acar, rice of course and a stir fried green been dish made with surprise spices and egg!  Desert was simple but mouth watering fresh mango. This link will get you to some more pics on our FB Page.  "Like" us when you get there, and Thanks!

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