Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Syed's Casino Installation at last!

It's such a delightful metamorphosis of sorts, to watch delicately cut shards of glass in multiple layered stacks go into the kiln, come out 24 hours later having become a tile of dynamic color.  Then to see the panels grow, adding 4 tiles vertically, seams nearly invisible, into a single panel of glass is watching a veritable garden grow.  It's all beautiful, but when the work is finally installed in the setting of huge marble slabs, for which it was designed, and then finally, finally lit ... well, it's all very satisfying for the artist.

Syed, the most modest person I know, simply nods his head and shoots the photos.  Job well done.

So I will say it for him...REALLY great job, Syed.  REALLY great.


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