Sunday, February 12, 2012

Gourd Translations

The Celebration of Fine Art gets so many visitors from all over the world that I often find myself at a real loss when describing the material from which I do my sculptural vessels.  So, here is "gourd" in a wealth of languages!  And some pictures of fine art gourd sculptures I now have at the Celebration.

Full Bodied
Red Red Poppies

In A Poppy Garden

Translations of 'gourd'Kernerman English Multilingual Dictionary 

Sense 1: a type of large fruit, or the plant on which it grows.
 gourd in Afrikaans: komkommer, karkoer
 gourd in Arabic: يَقْطين، قَرع

 gourd in Bulgarian: кратуна
 gourd in Brazilian: cabaça

 gourd in Chinese: 葫芦
 gourd in Croatian: sušena tikva

 gourd in Czech: tykev
 gourd in Danish: græskar
 gourd in Dutch: pompoen
 gourd in Estonian: pudelkõrvits
 gourd in Finnish: kurkkukasvi

 gourd in Farsi: هر گیاهی از تیره کدو
 gourd in French: gourde
 gourd in German: der   
 gourd in Greek: (νερο)κολοκύθα

 gourd in Hebrew: דְלַעַת 

 gourd in Hindi: कद्दू के वर्ग की सब्जी
 gourd in Hungarian: (dísz)tök
 gourd in Icelandic: grasker
 gourd in Indonesian: labu

 gourd in Italian: (frutto delle cucurbitace
 gourd in Japanese: ひょうたん
 gourd in Korean: 박과(科) 열매의 총칭

 gourd in Latvian: (pudeļveida) ķirbis
 gourd in Lithuanian: moliūgas
 gourd in Malay: labu
 gourd in Norwegian: gresskar
 gourd in Pashto: اونورو شيانو په حيث كار ځ

 gourd in Persian: هر گیاهی از تیره کدو
 gourd in Polish: dynia

 gourd in Portuguese: cabaça
 gourd in Romanian: tigvă

 gourd in Russian: тыква бутылочная
 gourd in Serbian: tikva
 gourd in Slovak: tekvica

 gourd in Slovenian: buča
 gourd in Spanish: calabaza

 gourd in Swedish: pumpa
 gourd in Taiwanese: 葫蘆
 gourd in Thai: น้ำเต้า

 gourd in Turkish: su kabağı
 gourd in Ukrainian: гарбуз
 gourd in Urdu:ی پیٹھا، گھیا، لوک
 gourd in Vietnamese: quả bầu; quả bí

Images of 'gourd'Inappropriate image? 


  1. This is incredible amazing. You are a very talented lady. Look forward to following your journey.

  2. Thanks for the listing of gourd in other languages. Would you mind if I passed it along in my newsletter? Thanks. Bonnie Gibson - Arizona Gourds